Satellite 484 group interviews:

Satellite 484 -The Island LFOS group interview>

The band discuss the reason behind the album title and the songs featured on it.

Satellite 484 (Island LFOS INTERVIEW)

Why is the band called Satellite 484? group interview .

Paul discusses the meaning behind the Satellite 484 name. The band explains the creation of the Mirage album.

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Satellite 484 group interview part 2:

satellite 484 (Group interview part 2):The band discuss the making of the Lost in the atmosphere and valley of dreams album.A mini studio tour is also included in this interview .

Satellite 484 (Our very first Group interview ) 2017

Satellite 484 (Group interview) 2017 : is a mini documentary about the bands history .The band also explain the concept around the Moonstruck and Submerged albums .
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