Satellite 484 Discography :

Retransmit :

Retransmit: A compilation album released by Satellite 484 in 2020 .The band felt it had come to a stage where it needed to try a different approach on their release technique .Retransmit features works released by the duo between 2015 and 2021 .A limited addition Cd version is also available .Links to both the CD and the album will be featured below.The band will be updating you with more on this album in the future so watch this space .

Satellite 484 Retransmit album Itunes:

Satellite 484 CD and digital album on bandcamp Bandcamp:

Satellite 484 Retransmit Spotify Playlist:

Satellite 484 Retransmit front cover

Open Portal:

Open portal was released between 2018 and 2020 .The album was more based around psychedelic electro with a few downtempo tracks .some songs were remixed from old studio recordings a s far back as 2005 where the band first started.

This album features one of the the only songs written by Paul on acoustic guitar sweet Cherie this very song was played on the wedding day in 2007

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Apple Music:


Moonstruck was our very first full album produced in 2009 released in 2015.An album inspired by a fairy tale children’s novel that Cherie Pinto had in mind.The mini album is a psychedelic ambient jurney geranteed to relax your troubles away .

This album is available on most streaming sites.

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Bird man

Satellite 484 bird man

Satellite 484 -bird man Spotify:

Satellite 484 full discography;

Full discography playlist:Spotify :


Satellite 484 excite amazon :

Listen to excite on Spotify:

Lost In The Atmosphere:

Lost in the atmosphere album our third album released in 2015 .This time the album had a more industrial electro aproach with a dreamy psychedelic ambient feel .Micro photography (Album cover ) by David Biddle

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Submerged:Our second psychedelic ambient album expressing an oceanic underwater universe filled with marine animal samples very relaxing.

available on all streaming services .

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Valley of dreams:

Valley of dreams is our 4th psychedelic concept ambient album.The music deals with dreaming period we all experience a cross between reality and the dream world.

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Mirage expresses the way we felt and still feel about the music industry in general a blur vision of broken promises with pros and cons and scams .

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Island LFOS

Island LFOS:The album expresses the excitement and alarm the UK is going through in leaving of the European Union.

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