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Hour Glass :

The Hour glass released in 4 February 2022 .The track expresses the time factor and how much we take time for granted. A psychedelic downtempo track with an indie twist .This song is also available on all streaming sites enjoy the ride. The Duo approached the vocals on a different angle we added Cherie’s vocals on a bull horn and it added a haunting quality to her voice .Paul added a freestyle peavey bass riff to create a human feel to this song. alternative electro was the direction the track was heading at inspired by Tangerine dream ,Death in Vagas and Dead Can Dance .

Satellite 484 -Hour Glass (Art work)


Cloud 9 :

Cloud 9 expresses the joy of staring at cloud formations as a child or adult . It is one of those things we do when staring at our beautiful skies .The song is a psychedelic downtempo track produced in 2021 at Zenith studios .

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Excite is a happy psychedelic electro track that expresses happiness surprise and liberation . We refurbished this video this is the new version . enjoy you tube link :

Viper-music video:

Rollercoaster -music video:

rollercoaster is a happy psychedelic electronic track we produced in 2009 and then reworked and released in 2019 .The song expresses the ups and downs of this crazy life we live .The song is basiclly a story of our lives compared to a rollercoaster ride .

Rah-music video :

Orion Belt (Goa trance mix) music video : youtube:

We found this great psychedelic trance track amongst the many CD s on the shelf .after listening to its potential we realised we could sprinkle our psychedelic fairy dust and polish it. The band felt very satisfied by the results . It expresses our belief in ET and universal life forms enjoy.


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Orion Belt

ceremony of light:

ceremony of light expresses our love for Friday nights scented candles and relaxing a psychedelic relaxing journey enjoy the ride.

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ceremony of light

Moonstruck:A sonic fairytale about angelic creatures in a mysterious forest sit back and enjoy the voyage.


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Talking Stick:

A powerful method of conversation created by American Indians .Maybe one day we will be able to communicate with each other without social media

Talking Stick

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Plastic Sea:

an Industrial psychedelic  electronic track that expresses our pollution problem worldwide .The message of our plastic waste has become a great concern we need to ban all plastic manufacturing in order to save our planet.

plastic sea

Wishing Well:

Wishing well

Soul Magnets:

Soul Magnets

Golden Mermaid:

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Blue Abyss:

Ohm :

African Mist:


Zenith :

Zenith music video  a tribal psychedelic ambient track taken from the Valley of dreams concept album .

Happy Data.

Happy data is a music video we created that expresses our frustration we have to computers or smart devices.a song about computers gone wrong.

Happy Data music video

Vortex remastered :you tube :

Mind Maze:

Satellite 484 -Mind Maze